Fun for Everyone 

Greater Kuduland has a wide range of adventurous pastimes to keep you entertained throughout your stay. 

Please note that while we will try our best to fulfil your activity list, many are weather dependant.

Bird Watching

With over 300 species of birds on the reserve, avid bird watchers are in for a treat. Whether on a walking trail, a hike, game drive, at the look-out deck or in one of the hides at the water, you will be sure you capture a glimpse of some of South Africa's most iconic feathered friends. To get the most from you r safari experience, we recommend that you come prepared with these items:

  • Binoculars (with image stability)
  • Camera and lenses
  • Personal notebook
  • Bird books are available at the lodge

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting at special flying targets thrown by an electric trap, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun.

Activity includes a professional guide, a demonstration briefing and lesson, weapon and ammo, ear-guards, and clays.

Historical Tours

Bushmen Paintings

Besides their natural beauty, the hills on the reserve are home to one of the most ancient art galleries in the world.

With the help of the of one of the most ancient art galleries in the world, the rock paintings found in the hills on the reserve give us a glimpse of the inner workings of the Bushmen (San) people that inhabited the area in the Middle Stone Age, over 70 000 years ago.

These paintings are by far the oldest form of art and tell stories of their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Other treasures discovered include tools, pottery, and weapons. Old versions of a chess game can be found carved in to a lot of the rocks in the same area.

The paintings provide not only beauty and fascination but also a glimpse of the inner workings of the Bushmen society, and when accompanied with the knowledge of your guide, are sure to make for an incredible story. Ruins Tour

Deep within the property, the Chifumbaze Ruins can be found built onto the edge of a mountain cliff. Once home to the monarch of a tribe living over 600 years ago, the ancient palace was estimated to have been surrounded by 5 meter high walls and spanned over at least 500 meters of the mountain. Constructed without mortar, it is a miracle that parts of this archaeological treasure still remains today and serves to remind us that we too are just visitors to this beautiful land.

Guided Walk and Hikes

A walk in nature is the best way to see some of the smaller species of fauna and flora that you miss on a drive. Whether you would like to walk through the bush and track the animals for a close-up view, or hike up the hills for some astounding views, one of our guides will be there with you to ensure your safety and offer their expert advice on the wildlife and environment.

Game Drives

Enjoy the beautiful scenery from one of our open game viewing vehicles that allow for great spotting opportunities thanks to their 4x4 capabilities and your guide’s knowledge of the area.

We do not allow hunting from or near any of our vehicles or waterholes so the animals are very at ease with the cruisers and you will find are quite happy to remain in position for you to take a photo.

Includes View Point Sundowners

It doesn't get much better than sipping on a refreshing G&T while overlooking a seemingly endless landscape of pristine bush from the perch of one of the Reserve's magnificent natural viewpoints.

Helicopter Flights

If you are looking for a bird's-eye view of the reserve, our exhilarating helicopter flights offer a perspective unlike any other. The Robbinson 44 can seat up to 3 people, with Howard Knott as the pilot. Scenic flight are around 30 minutes and you can expect to cover most of the Reserve and its surroundings during that time.

Star Light Bush Dinners

Unseen, unexpected, unbelievable…this is the only way to describe the Starlight Bush Dinner experience.

Shortly after sunset, we will depart on a game-drive to secluded clearing where you will enter a world of elegant indulgence and classic beauty. The gentle glow of candles and oil lamps illuminate the silverware and rich white and cream linen, leaving a breathtaking scene of stylish and sophisticated African inspiration.

Between the delectable dinner, the star-studded skies, and the legendary African hospitality, the night promises to be one to remember.

Conservation Experiences

An eco-educational safari offers a hands-on experience of the practical conservation efforts that take place on the Reserve, such as rhino security, anti-poaching operations, game management, and veterinary observations to name a few. Our eco-educational programs are lead by conservation expert, Níall Beddy, who joined Greater Kuduland Safaris in 2013. Níall is a trained field guide with a background in wildlife monitoring and research and runs various conservation initiatives on the Reserve. His passion for conservation inspired him to launch an eco-educational program to educate guests on the important pillars of the natural eco-system. Greater Kuduland has always put conservation first and with Níall's knowledge on this topic we hope our guests leave the Reserve with a stronger understanding of the important relationship between hunting and conservation.