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Everything You Need to Know

Beit Bridge Border (Zimbabwe) 53 km away


The Limpopo Province

Greater Kuduland Safaris is located in the northern part of the Limpopo Province close to Musina, the last town in South Africa before crossing the Beit Bridge border into Zimbabwe. 

The Limpopo Province is considered to be South Africa’s hinterland: a hot, and wild area north of Gauteng that is seldom spoken of when in truth it's one of the country's best-kept secrets and boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. The region houses South Africa's highest population of rhino and a multitude of other large mammals, as well as the great Limpopo River that acts as South Africa’s border with Zimbabwe and Botswana.


Culturally, Limpopo is incredibly unique; seven of South Africa’s eleven official languages are spoken here, and the contrasting and colourful elements of each have become part of the magic of the province. The local people on the Reserve are predominately from the area and form part of the Venda community, a culture rich in heritage and tradition. Their customs mirror the beauty of the Iron Age and arts and crafts such as pottery, jewellery making, and beadwork are still practiced in their culture today. 

Polokwane is the provincial capital and is situated 200 km south of the Reserve past the Soutpansberg mountain range that is dissected by the N1 highway. The N1 is the only passage north and forms part of what was the old Cape-to-Cairo trading route. 



Tshipise, Limpopo, 0901, South Africa

There are a few different transfer options to the Reserve once in South Africa, let us know which you best prefer, and we will arrange it all for you. 
If you are booking an international flight into South Africa, we recommend that you fly into O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

If you are flying locally, we suggest that you fly into Polokwane Airport in Polokwane, Limpopo on SA Airlink. 
We offer a "meet-and-greet" service depending on your travel plans.  



Semi - Arid

Greater Kuduland experiences a semi-arid climate with hot temperatures most of the year. Average annual rainfall amounts to 372 mm (14.6 in) which is concentrated in the summer months from October to April when heavy late-afternoon and evening thunderstorms are not uncommon.

Winter is extremely dry with no rain and typically recorded from June to August. The clear skies and exceptionally low humidity at this time of the year enable temperatures to plunge close to freezing at night, but once the sun is up, it warms to a pleasant 20 C (65 F).

Today's Weather


November - March

Avg. Day: 36 C / 97 F

Avg. Night: 25 C / 77 F


April - May

Avg. Day: 30 C / 86 F

Avg. Night: 10 C / 50 F


 June - August 

Avg. day: 25 C / 77 F

Avg Night: 10 C / 50 F


September - October 

Avg. day: 32 C / 90 F

Avg Night: 18 C / 64 F



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Everything You Need to Know

Tarred Airstrip on Reserve

Polowane International Airport 250 km away

Kruger National Park 90km away (Pafuri Gate) 

Musina Town 35 km away

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