"Planned Parenthood" for Lion and Elephant

In trying to maintain healthy populations of large game such as lion and elephant, Greater Kuduland has embarked on a contraception programme which involves the implantation of a slow-release contraception pellet under the animal's skin. The implant will render a animal sterile for a year to eighteen months and is reversible. The pellet, containing a substance called deslorelin works directly on the brain by fooling it into lowering the production of gonadotrophins and therefore stopping egg production.

When it comes predator species like lion, it is especially important to keep their numbers in check as their hunting activities can have a terrible effect on the population densities of their prey, and in turn on many other species. Elephant also cause damage to an area by destroying the trees and plants, and especially enjoy ripping up water pipes and other infrastructure. So far this method has proven successful in helping us provide the ultimate balance between species and the carrying capacity of the land in.

A herd of elephant at the waterhole on Greater Kuduland. A couple elephant can be seen mating in the background.

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