Greater Kuduland Safaris, Limpopo, South Africa 

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The Heart of African Hunting

Founded in 1974, Greater Kuduland Safaris is one of the longest-running hunting safari operations in South Africa and has become world renowned for delivering premium big game and plains game hunts. Peter Benjamin Knott, a pioneer in the game ranching industry and forerunner of ethical hunting practices in South Africa, founded Greater Kuduland on the premise of sustainable conservation through trophy hunting.

Today, the Reserve has grown into a successful conservation initiative and remains a family owned operation run by Peter’s son, Howard, and his wife, Shann.


Greater Kuduland is situated in the northern region of the Limpopo Province and boasts an ever changing landscape of truly African terrain. 

The 50 000 acre game reserve is home to an abundance of animals and makes up one of the largest privately-owned game reserves in the country. 


Rifle and Bow Hunting Safaris

Greater Kuduland Safaris provides the ideal setting for an authentic African hunting safari and has become reputable for offering some of the best trophy hunting in Africa. The Reserve offers rifle and bow hunting safaris to beginners and experienced big game hunters alike. While specialising in cape buffalo hunting, Greater Kuduland has over 30 different species of free-roaming game available to hunt on the Reserve.


Due to the limited hunting period and repeat clientele, we advise our clients to book well in advance.


More than just a Reserve

Greater Kuduland Safaris is not just a tourism business; we are a conservation initiative. Over 90% of our tourism and hunting safari revenue goes back into conserving the Reserve's wildlife which has enabled us to protect endangered species such as the black and white rhino, African wild dog and roan antelope

As members of Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation, our mission is to provide a conscientious hunting safari in a responsible environment alongside some of the most experienced PH’s in the industry. We only practise fair-chase hunting and all our animals are free-roaming

Greater Kuduland can assist with all the logistics of your hunting safari including; customs documentation, license permits, airport transfers and arrangement of taxidermy and exportation of trophies


We are honoured to say that many of our clients are repeat visitors to the Reserve which we believe is a testament to our premium facilities, customer service and admirable standards of hunting practices that ensures some of the best trophy hunting in Africa

Greater Kuduland Safaris has always been a family run organisation, and the owners are involved in every aspect of the operation, which allows for the maintenance of a consistently high standard of management throughout the Reserve and its accommodations


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