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Private Big Game and Plains Game Hunting Safaris in South Africa  


The Heart of African Hunting 

Founded in 1974, Greater Kuduland Safaris is a family-run hunting operation in South Africa that has become world-renowned for delivering quality big game and plains game hunting safaris. The owner, Howard Knott, has over forty years of professional hunting experience and leads most of the safaris on his fifty-five thousand-acre private game reserve situated near Tshipise in the Great Limpopo Valley, a region known to be one of the finest hunting grounds on the continent. 


Rifle and Bow Hunting Safaris

Greater Kuduland Safaris offers rifle and bow hunting safaris to hunters at all experience levels. Over thirty different game species are available to hunt on the Reserve, including the infamous Cape Buffalo. We limit the number of hunters to only forty per season, which runs between April and August each year. This, together with Howard’s commitment to conservation and ethical hunting practices, herds can reach their full maturity and produce quality trophies each year.


Greater Kuduland Safaris caters to small hunting groups and single hunters with families to ensure an exclusive and secluded hunting experience.

Due to the limited hunting period and many repeat clientele, we advise our clients to book their hunting safari well in advance.


It Is So Much More Than a Hunting Safari in Africa. It is an African Hunting Safari

Greater Kuduland provides an authentic hunting environment and is one of the few private game reserves in Africa where clients can still hunt in wild open terrain amongst some of Africa’s most dangerous animals. 

Greater Kuduland Safaris has always been a family-run organisation. Howard and Shann Knott are involved in every aspect of the operation, ensuring the highest standards throughout the Reserve and its accommodations. 

Most of Greater Kuduland’s international clients have become regular hunters on the Reserve and frequently return with their friends and family. This testifies to the truly unmatched hunting experience offered by Greater Kuduland Safaris. 

Howard is an avid conservationist and funds the conservation initiatives on the Reserve through hunting. Some of these include protecting endangered species such as the black and white rhino, elephant, roan antelope, and African pangolin, amongst hundreds of other species.


We will assist with all the logistics of your safari including; customs documentation, license permits, airport transfers, and arrangement of taxidermy and exportation of trophies.



References Available Upon Request

Scott Moorey | FL, USA

My first African safari was in 1994 with Greater Kuduland Safaris. My father took me and the experience was out of this world. The quality of trophies, abundance of game, accommodations, the exceptional treatment and service from the staff and the Knott family was immeasurable. I can say that because I have yet to speak with another hunter who has had as good of a trip with any other safaris in Africa.
My first trip was with a rifle. Since then I have used a bow.
I returned to the ranch in 1997. Took my mother in 2004, my wife in 2006, my kids in 2013, and my dad and good friends in 2017. My walls are filled with Kuduland Trophies.
6 trips to Greater Kuduland and I'm ready to go back again.
I cannot begin to explain the disappointment I see in people's eyes when they make the mistake of going with the wrong safari and then see what I've experienced with Greater Kuduland.
Don't make the same mistake. Feel free to contact me or anyone else who has been here and you will understand what a wonderful operation, quality of trophies, and experience you will have at Greater Kuduland Safaris.


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